Relax. Renew. De-Stress.

Scroll down for some of the ways you can relax up here.

Hang out on the beach.

Our sunny sand beach is a great place to relax. Kick back, read a book, indulge in a hobby, build a sand castle with the kids, meditate, do some yoga, or just enjoy some good conversation. It’s the perfect place to de-stress.

Be our guest.

Our guest lodge is a bit of indoors in the great outdoors. Watch the big screen, play some pool, borrow a book, join your friends for a card game, knock out some tunes on the piano, pick up a souvenir hoodie, or use our free WiFi to browse the Internet. And the lodge is a relaxing place to swap stories around the fire, on a rainy day or after your outdoor adventures.

Relax artistically.

Lake Herridge Lodge & Resort is an ideal place for anyone creative. Photographers, sculptors, painters and writers enjoy practicing their arts in our matchless northern setting. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you’ll appreciate the mind-freeing atmosphere and opportunities offered by Nature.

Enjoy the nights.

Nights in the forest are darker, more alive. Start your campfire by the lake in one of our outdoor fireplaces. Sing songs, tell stories, and reconnect with humanity’s distant past. You can even swim in the moonlight.

Deep woods, deep space.

At night our skies come alive with all the stars that you can’t see in the city. Lie back and gaze upward at infinity. On a clear night, you’ll see satellites and meteors, or the moon riding high above the pines. Look south toward the mouth of the bay in summer and see the constellation Sagittarius, backdropped by the Milky Way and the Galactic Centre. In winter, Orion burns in the sky, in the cold night silence.