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About Our Fishing

The quiet of the wilderness. The relaxation of being on the water… away from everyone, maybe in the only boat on the lake. Then – the thrill of a hard strike, and the exhilarating challenge of reeling in a fighting fish.

We specialize in remote lake fishing for pickerel (walleye), northern pike, smallmouth bass, and lake trout. Get a look at some of them in our Fishing Photo Gallery.

You can fish on our home lake, and on a chain of remote wilderness lakes accessible by short portages. These remote lakes have no cottages and no road access. The portages range from five to 10 minutes walking time, carrying only your personal fishing gear. We provide boats, motors and gas on all our remote lakes.

We offer Housekeeping Plan fishing packages, with daily and weekly rates available. We’ll take you on a fully guided fishing trip the first day to help you get started catching fish, navigating the lakes, and getting familiar with our equipment. There are plenty of beautiful islands and camp spots to stretch your legs and enjoy your lunch.

Throughout our lake system the fish range from 2 to 20 pounds. Our series of lakes provides an incredible fishing experience for anyone wanting to try fishing for the first time, or the avid fisherman looking for an unforgettable thrill of catching BIG BASS, BEAUTIFUL WALLEYE, and the POWERFUL NORTHERN PIKE. On our remote lakes you’ll likely catch large numbers of fish – and untold numbers of great fishing memories!

We provide dock service and can assist you to clean, package and freeze your fish. We encourage catch and release, especially for big fish, to help keep our lakes fishable for years to come. Don’t forget to take a picture.

Area maps are available for purchase.

Please note: The Ontario government requires persons 18 years of age and older to purchase a Fishing License before fishing in Ontario waters. Exceptions are made for Canadian seniors 64 years of age and older. Please see the Ontario Government Fishing webpage for more information about fishing licenses, how to buy one, and the fishing regulations in Ontario.

Take Your Kids Fishing!

Fishing with your children is a fantastic experience. Enjoying the natural world and sharing it with your children is a priceless part of our natural heritage. But don’t take an adult’s world for it. Experience it from a kid’s viewpoint: Tristen Konieczny, age 11, who’s sharing his article, videos, and family pictures with you here. See how much fun you can have, fishing with your kids!

My Experience At Lake Herridge Lodge

by Tristen Konieczny

The experience at Lake Herridge Lodge is incredible. Being able to spend time with my Dad, have fun fishing, enjoy the wilderness and coming to Temagami is great. Ever time I come here I always find something new to enjoy.

I love spending time with my Dad. Some of the best memories I have were created at Lake Herridge Lodge. I really like to explore the town of Temagami. It was so fun when we went to the Temagami Fire Tower. I was stunned being up so high. When we went for dinner at a chip stand, it was so tasty. We have so much fun coming here.

The fishing is great at Lake Herridge Lodge. I have caught walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike. Fighting a fish is a thrill. I caught my first northern pike and walleye here. I will always remember catching those fish. Trying my new lures is great because they always work. When I start fishing I don’t want to stop. We have caught so many fish I can’t even count. After a long day of fishing it’s so fun to go swimming. I enjoy making sandcastles at the beach. We always wrap up our day by fishing in our favourite bay.

The pure wilderness at Lake Herridge Lodge is an experience. I have seen many animals like ravens and turtles. It was so cool when I saw a giant snapping turtle under our boat. It was fun when we saw a loon hunt while we were fishing. We like to fish by the shoreline to enjoy nature. Especially when I’m fishing here it feels like a whole new world.

Lake Herridge Lodge is the best vacation. I am so excited to come back this summer.

Fishing Package

  • Fishing on Lake Herridge and a unique chain of five remote lakes
  • Day One features a guided trip through the remote lakes including bait
  • Detailed map of all lakes
  • Landing nets
  • Boats, motors and gas on all lakes
  • Freezer facilities
  • Accommodation in one of our comfortable well-equipped cottages with all free amenities – use of the guest lodge (with big screen TV, woodstove, couches, pool table, piano, games room, and free WiFi), kayaks, paddleboard, life jackets, paddleboats, and pool noodles.
Package Rate
3 Night Package (min. 2 persons) $599.00 per person
4 Night Package $699.00 per person
5 Night Package $799.00 per person
6 Night Package $899.00 per person
7 Night Package $999.00 per person
Children 12 and younger 50% off (based on 2 adults)
Youth 13 – 16 30% off (based on 2 adults)