You belong in Nature.

Scroll down to get closer to your natural heritage.

You’re part of the Earth.

Most of Ontario sits on a giant bed of granite called the Canadian Shield. The rock you see in the first photo, and the outcrops that are visible throughout the Lodge, are all part of it. The Canadian Shield is included among the very oldest rock formations on our planet Earth. It has shaped the destiny of our province – it’s responsible for our gorgeous, resource-laden landscape of rocks, trees, and lakes.

When you come up here, take time to see Nature up close. Interact with it, carefully so as not to do damage. Breathe the air, touch the rocks, feel the water, marvel at the stars. Know that you’re part of the natural world.

While you’re on holiday here, enjoy the effects of being closer to the Earth. You’ll feel stronger, more peaceful… more natural. And if you’ve got kids, bring them here and introduce them to Nature.

They’ll grow up knowing it’s their heritage, and it’s worth saving.

Relax… and enjoy your natural heritage.