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About Our Hunting

Along with the clean air and beautiful scenery, Lake Herridge Lodge & Resort offers an abundance of bear, moose, and small game. Get a look at some of them in our Hunting Photo Gallery, and read a first-hand account by one of our guests in "Ontario: Black Bear Bowhunt".

Hunting takes place in the vast area of Crown land surrounding our property. Side roads, logging roads & ATV trails lead you to endless stretches of land for hunting, not to mention our own private land. Depending on the time of year, we can make your hunt even more exciting: we offer you a fleet of 14-foot boats along with access to a series of remote back lakes, inaccessible by road, in the pristine Temagami Wilderness.

We offer both Bear Hunting and Moose Hunting Packages, with weekly rates available. Both include accommodations in our clean well-equipped cottages, access to the main lodge with games room/ big-screen TV/ pool table, walk-in cooler and freezer facilities, the use of moose stands or baited bear stands, and assistance with skinning, tracking, and transportation. In addition to hunting, you can fish our lake or any of our five remote wilderness lakes for walleye (pickerel), smallmouth bass, northern pike, whitefish and lake trout. Our Deluxe Hunting Plans include three home-cooked meals per day.

Please bring warm clothing, insect repellent, flashlight, rain gear, compass or GPS, hunting boots and coolers for meat and hide. Your Provincial/ State Hunting Licence or proof of a Hunting Safety Course is necessary. Please note that bow hunters must pass our accuracy test.

Our hundreds of miles of logging roads are also suitable for ATVs and nature viewing – moose, bears, wolves, birds and unspoiled wilderness.

Area maps are available for purchase.

Hunting Licenses

To find out how to get a hunting license, Outdoors Card, and learn about Ontario hunting regulations, visit the Ontario Hunting webpage.

Firearms Regulations

For Canadian Firearms Regulations see The Canadian Firearms Act and Firearms Regulations webpage.

For more information about applying for a Canadian firearms licence or Form CAFC 679, or any other questions, contact:

Canadian Firearms Program webpage


Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canadian Firearms Program
Ottawa ON K1A 0R2

Telephone: 1-800-731-4000 (toll-free in Canada and the United States)
506-624-5380 (from all other countries)

Fax: 613-825-0297


We're a family owned and operated lodge, and we take pride in serving our guests. Come join us for your hunting vacation.

Bear Hunting

Patience is a virtue when hunting the black bear. The bear's approach to the bait will be agonizingly slow. Though their eyesight is much like a human's, black bears have very highly developed senses of hearing and smell. They can smell food from a mile away, and move with blinding speed. Typically, sows weigh from 100 to 400 pounds, while boars weigh from 250 to more than 600 pounds.

Black bear hunting takes place in our exclusive bear management unit, over 300 square miles of prime bear habitat. Most baits are accessible by logging roads, but we also use some lake baits. You'll need to supply your own truck, and we suggest bringing an ATV. Transportation assistance can be arranged. You can hunt from either portable or permanent tree stands. We can accommodate 12-15 hunters.

Our bow stands are for 11 to 23 yard shots. Please note that bow hunters must pass our accuracy test. Rifle or shotgun stands accomodate 35 to 80 yard shots. If you bring portable tree stands, they're your responsibility. We bait our stands at least three weeks before your arrival, and continue to bait and monitor each stand's activity for the season. We believe our attention to detail contributes to your hunting success.

As part of the stewardship of our bear management unit, we ask that if you see one of the area's rare cinnamon bears, which are light reddish-brown in colour, leave it alone. Cinnamon bears are generally found in the USA, British Columbia, and Alberta. We would like to encourage them to thrive here in Ontario as well.

Fall bear hunting starts mid-August and ends October 31st in our area. Spring bear hunting is back on! It takes place every year from 1 May through 15 June.

We welcome both Canadian and non-resident hunters to discover our northern hunts and see what legends are waiting for you.

References are available on request.

Bear Hunting Packages

Deluxe Bear Hunt with home-cooked meals – Spring and Fall

Currently not available

Housekeeping Bear Hunt – Spring and Fall

Each package includes:

Cost: $1900.00 per person

Non-refundable deposit: $400.00 per person

Moose Hunting

Each autumn hunters travel back to the North in search of the powerful, majestic moose. By mid-autumn a spring calf will weigh up to 400 pounds (180kgs) while an adult cow can weigh in at up to 800 pounds. At prime an adult bull can push 1400 pounds and has antlers that stretch to 5 feet.

Moose hunting is a great team hunt – you and your friends will need to work together to successfully harvest a moose. Hunting parties have formed bonds of friendship since before recorded history. Come join us for the moose hunt, with archery mid-September through early October, and rifle mid-October through mid-November. Please note that bow hunters must pass our accuracy test.

Moose Hunting Packages

Lake Herridge Lodge has 1 Cow Moose Tag for this year.
Please contact us for more information about our moose tag.

Rate: $1995.00 per person, minimum 4 people. Groups of 8 or more receive 15% off each.

Housekeeping Moose Hunt

Each package includes:

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Cottage Description # of Guests Weekly Daily
#1 2-bedroom cottage with gas fireplace, sofa-bed, extra living space,
3-piece bath
4-6 $1299.00 $205.00
#2, #3 2-bedroom cottages, each with 4 twin beds, 3-piece bath 4 $1250.00 $195.00
#4 4-bedroom cottage with 6 twin beds, 3-piece bath. 4-6 $1299.00 $205.00
#5 Newly-built 2-bedroom cottage, wheelchair accessible,
with 4 twin beds, extra living space, 3-piece bath
4 $1299.00 $205.00
#6 Newly built 2-bedroom cottage with 4 twin beds, extra living space,
3-piece bath
4 $1299.00 $205.00
#7 Bachelor Suite with queen bed, 3-piece bath 1-2 $1050.00 $175.00
#8       Renovated 1-bedroom cottage with 2 twin beds, gas fireplace,
sofa bed, extra living space, 3-piece bath
2-4 $1250.00 $195.00
#9 Large 4-bedroom house with full dining room, big kitchen, 2 bathrooms
(one 2-piece, one 3-piece with tub and shower), lots of living space      
9 $1899.00 $295.00
#10       Renovated 1-bedroom cottage with 1 queen bed, gas fireplace,
sofa bed, extra living space, 3-piece bath
2-4 $1250.00 $195.00

Price for the use of our moose stands: $40 daily

Small Game Hunting

Simply walk the vast terrain that surrounds us here at Lake Herridge Lodge & Resort, and you'll stir up plenty of small game. Amble along the edges of swamps and wetlands, stroll down old logging roads, or take a boat to our back lands to rediscover that feeling you get when you first lay eyes on your prey. Our Northern landscape offers you hare, wolf, fox and grouse. We offer free use of our walk-in cooler to store your game. Stay in one of our comfortable lakefront cottages with all free amenities - use of the guest lodge (with big screen TV, woodstove, couches, pool table, piano, games room, and free WiFi), kayaks, paddleboard, life jackets, paddleboats, and pool noodles. Enjoy a pleasant autumn hunt!

Summer cottage rates apply for small game hunting.