We Feed You Well.

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Better Than Home Made.

At Lake Herridge Lodge & Resort, hospitality isn't just our business; it's our passion. And we never take shortcuts with your food.

We make your meals in our professional kitchen, using real, natural, locally-sourced ingredients and fresh baking. We don't use synthetic substitutes, like margarine instead of butter, or powdered milk instead of cream. We'll also happily cater to any allergies or food intolerances you may have, as long as you let us know about them when you book your stay. One of us has celiac disease, so we understand the importance of making dishes that are "you-friendly".

Whether it's breakfast, dinner, a shore lunch with your morning's catch, a weekend snowmobilers' buffet, a packed lunch for the trail, or a big Sunday brunch for you and your friends, we'll give you meals you'll love.

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photo of people eating dinner in Lodge dining room
photo of people eating shore lunch
photo of big sunday brunch in Lodge
image of a group of snowmobilers eating Lodge buffet
image of Dan taking homemade meatballs from oven
photo of plate with salmon dinner